Online Coding Courses

For Age 5 and Above

Preparing kids for the future with coding and
entrepreneurship skills. Enjoy private online
coding classes for kids and teens at your comfort.

We Teach your kids and teens how to develop games like this one:

To start playing click on the green flag and use the left and right arrows to move the Bowl and collect the Apples.

MarhabaKids programming courses

Help your kids to develop 21st century skills: critical thinking and logical, creativity, teamwork.

21st century skills are essential no matter what profession your kids choose.

Why TechnoKids?

// Friendly & Professional Teachers: Teachers have technical experience and are professional in programming. All teachers have experience to work with kids at different ages. They are also emotionally stable, creative, friendly, and motivated to work with MarhabaKids

// Standardized & Trusted Content: Courses are developed by experts based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. Courses do not only teach coding but also enable learners to gain knowledge and skills in other STEM disciplines, math, biology, physics, chemistry, and more.
// Personalized and Gamified Learning: Courses are designed to ensure that learning is a student-driven process with material and learning methods suitable for different ages, levels of learning and interests. A gamified approach is implement in learning process and is reflected on the learning platform by providing friendly competition, rewards and badges, and different levels of learning difficulties.// Project-based Learning: Learning is active, collaborative, and student-centered where Learners work on creative projects with their peers under the support of professional and friendly teachers.

// Self-paced and Instructor-led courses: The instructor-led online courses are facilitated by friendly and professional teachers. Whereas, the self-paced online courses are video-based and project-based courses that are accessible 24/7.//Analytics & Reporting: Progress assessment and learning analytics are used to adapt students learning and generate reports that are useful for teachers and parents.
// Real development environments: Learners are going to code using real development environments that are used by pros.
// Learning anywhere & anytime: Learning material and development environments are available and accessible 24/7.